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Netflix and to Russo’s have cooked up a star-studded. Spy Thriller that despite what the name suggests is not in black and white, it’s a lame joke, I know. But someone had to do it when the cia’s most skilled mercenary known only as Sierra 6 accidentally, uncovers dark agency, Secrets, he becomes a primary target and is hunted around the world by Psychopathic, former agent Lloyd Hanson, And before I dive into my thoughts on the grey man, let me know if you’re excited for it.

The gray man
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If you seen it and big shout out to Netflix, UK, we’re going thobe a chance to watch this one early to deliver this review to you. The Russo Brothers. It seems like after stumbling a little bit along the way after delivering and game to the world, breaking box office and critical records. They have found their groove their niche in delivering, high octane action.

Extravaganzas. That’s exactly what the gray, man is the action in this film is just relentlessly aggressive and gritty throughout. You have more intimate, mano a mano, fighting sequences, and then you have big scale action set pieces on a falling plane, or on a moving train, or in aBig Town Square, the russos, just know how to step up the adrenaline game throughout and they do a great job here.

Their direction is filled with energy and they know how to shoot action. This feels more in line with their work in the Winter Soldier over anything else. The fights are choreographed overall, very well feeling like amix of what we saw in Winter Soldier meeting little bit of the Mission Impossible, movies, giving it a little bit of that greedy Edge without going too much, because the film is PG-13 which we’ll get to talk about the rating.

When we come to my issues and not only are the rooster was capable of delivering this grippy, globe-trotting action. They’re also able to reel it back when necessary and allow the characters to have these more intimate moments, the Rousseau’s can really be internal on character and it’s the balance that they display in this film, as well.

As their previous Works, particularly in the MCU, they’re really Elevate them as storytellers, but overall, it’s just great to see the russos visual style falling back a little Lil Bit into what we know and recognize to be their best works.

There’s an elongated sequence guys that starts at the Town Square moves onto a moving train and just escalates from there and the film has this great sense of keeping up. The pace and ever-escalating, the action set pieces, which I was so in, for throughout the entire runtime and like I said, this is a star-studded cast before we move on to the cast.

And when it comes to our caste, we have an endless list of talent from Ryan Gosling to Chris Evans on ade armas. Julia Butters, Billy, Bob Thornton, Jessica hanok and so many others. Ryan Gosling brings his stoic, toughness and charm as well as his sardonic sense of humor.

Where you just recognize a certain situations for how ridiculous they are, but still being his subverted self playing, it very subtly, while Chris Evans is just outlandish throughout this film, it’s just fun to see Chris Evans being a bad guy. I always love a villain who loves being bad and this guy, relishes, torturing people be it.

The gray man
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We or psychologically, and the amount of fun he has at the expense of seeing Ryan Gosling suffer on this Mission. He’s relentlessly pursuing to capture this guy just tremendously, fun to see. Now, the film doesn’t allow us to get too much of the to on-screen together, but when they are on screen together, you’re so relieved to finally see it happening. It’s amazing from their first meeting to an eventual fight that breaks out between the two that again.

Who choreographed extremely well? I found Julia Butters. I think I knew she was in this film but the notion of it and escaped me. Once I saw it once, she is on screen, she steals every moment on camera and she has tremendous chemistry, Ryan Gosling where the two are bonded through this narrative that grounds the film in really nice, emotionality my heart, just melted a little bit.

Every time. Julia Butters was on screen and particularly when she appeals more to the Hidden Humanity of Gosling’s, character and honor they Autumn has just true badass. She keeps up the pace with Gosling throughout even sharing a fight sequence with him. So, these two ladies are just scene Stealers, and a film has a ton of real dark humor. This dark sense of humor, that is very well delivered by Gosling by armas, and even in this outlandish shit situation, These characters find themselves in.

There is a time to deliver these jokes. That just fall really well into proceedings, giving it this necessary Edge. Where far, my biggest issues was the one note characterizations, which was surprising given that the film is based on the book, but it is written by Markus and mcfeely who delivered Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity, war, and end game. There is an elevating of what is onthe script by Endless charm and Charisma, all of the cast.

But we’ve seen versions of these characters before we’ve seen versions of these character Dynamics before. So, all the set pieces work, the cast, certainly elevates a perfectly solid acceptable. Script just isn’t elevated to become something like the John Wick franchise or even the Mission Impossible movies, they’re naturally tropes of the genre. So there is some enjoyment in there but I just wish there.

The gray man
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The writing had given more to these characters, despite this story and the Dynamics being fun, they just feel a little bit too familiar if not for having this cast, playing these roles. Ultimately, I also felt that an R rating would have desperately help this film. It’s not completely stripped of grit aggressiveness, or even literal, scenes of torture. But with Chris Evans playing such an outlandish lie, evil men, the whole setting.

Going around the world trying to capture a rogue CIA agent filled with tremendous action and violent fight. Sequences the film could have used with more aggressive visuals more blood, maybe even more swearing, the scenes throughout feel violent and painful, they just don’t feel brutally violent and brutally painful. So all the Great Men, delivers an admittedly Tropi script, it is for fans of the genre. All the elements that made us fall in love with spy.

I’m giving the grey man a B+ That’s my review of the grey man. So now it’s up to you to keep the conversation going. In the comments below, with your thoughts for is your favorite action, sequence your favorite character, who would you like to see more of.


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