PI NETWORK will be the Biggest Crypto Token in the World ? | Pi network new update

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Welcome to our blog. In today’s blog, we will be talking about as with other crypto such as Bit coin pie was designed to undergo regular having to protect its scarcity. Having is when the number of coins are minor receives for processing. New transactions are reduced to half what it usually does.

When a certain Milestone is reached pies mining rate half from 1.6, pie an hour when it reached 100,000 users Harvard again to 0 .4, pie an hour when it reached 1 million and half to get into 0.2 Pie when it 10 million users, it will continue to have reaching 0 at 1 billion users in November 20 21 the development team started releasing Tech and product updates, these included. Its pilot knows your customer kyc app and block Explorer.

pi network update

Having been tested with Community moderators. The kyc, a pilot was deployed on a limited basis to start the process of verifying pioneers and to improve the apps usability and machine automation the pie Explorer, which helps Pioneer see, transaction, history, and explore transaction data such as sender receiver and amount was also deployed. The pie wallet was also updated enabling the developers to create push notifications to alert Pioneers.

 When they receive a payment on the block chain and fixing a bug for Android users who could not see their wallet passphrase. Pi Network launched an enclosed magnetite on the 28th of December 20 21 to continue testing ahead of its full launch. It also introduced a new Learning mechanism and infrastructure to provide Pioneers, a simulation of the upcoming mining formula; the kyc app was initially launched to a few thousand pilot participants for testing with 100 Pioneers permitted per country or region according to the Project’s Blog.

 The enclosed Network period means that the main net is live but with a firewall that prevents any unwanted, external connectivity Pioneers will be able to take time to kyc and migrate their pie to the live. Main net block chain any balance migrated to the main, net can be used by the choice of the pioneer to purchase goods.

pi network update

On Pi Day, the 14th of March 20 22 the development team announced, two more updates, the rollout of a mass kyc solution and anew pie mining mechanism that allows more diverse mining rewards. These actions could potentially enhance the value to advertisers The developers added that they were rolling out kyc on a large scale to eligible users on the 16th of March Pi remains in pre-release mode.

If you are wondering how to buy the pi coin for your portfolio, you can’t users who have mind a pi. The crypto currency will only be able to withdraw or exchange its coins. When the main net blockchain is open, fully Pi cannot be transferred during the testing phase in order to prevent fake accounts from accumulating coins. According to the Eject website, wallet, balances are expected to be honored when pi shifts from the development mode to become a fully live Network as a result.

The coin is not yet available to trade on any crypto currency exchange or trading platform. What is the future of the pi coin currently? Debate continues over whether pie network is a well-intentioned initiative or a scam. Thanks so much for reading this article. The content is for informational purposes only and may include the author’s personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of my blog all financial investments including crypto carry significant risk.

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