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Paws of Fury: The legend of Hank and this is new animated feature hitting theaters after like five years. Apparently this was originally supposed to release in theaters in April 2017 and might explain why, you know, like Mel Brooks was in this involved and Sounds pretty good. And I guess that was back when he was like, 90 at not like 95 years old.

paws of fury
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And this film focuses on this is actually a remake of Blazing Saddles, except instead of white people, their cats said, a black people, their dogs. And instead of cowboys, they are Samurai They went there didn’t know that going in had no idea.

That Mel Brooks, co-wrote, the screenplay, but if I did, I probably would have been so much more excited going into this film. And knowing now, this is supposed tobe this way because I’m sitting there watching this movie, I’m like, Blazing Saddles, they make that joke. They make that joke and theymake that joke, and theyhave that plot point and they have that plot point.

Paws of fury
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I’m just like, and this character and that character in this character and that character, Mike, this is the same movie except a little bit different, but virtually the same movie, and obviously, toned down and made for kids. And this is there’s like an opening sequence with some great animation settings.

Some of the background of the film and there’s one flashback sequence with some great animation in it too. That’s Dynamic and bold in the way that it’s presented. But I don’t get why what was the other animation looks pretty bland and I’m just like fine it looks fine but it made me sad knowing that there’s even better animation going on in some other sequences in the film from a visual standpoint.

Paws of fury
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There’s that From a music, standpoint bear McCreary does such a fantastic job with this score because you have this score that goes in and out of like spaghetti western scores classic Western scores, some jazz and like Funk, and like this, really feels like those points where it feels ripped right out of like shaft and you have like more of like a asian-type scores from like Samurai.

Films like Akira Kurosawa all mixed together and bear McCreary. Obviously was having alot of fun putting this together humor-wise. There’s a lot of recycled jokes from Mel Brooks movies and specifically Blazing Saddles so it’s been a while so I did laugh a bit at a lot of them but you know they are reused jokes and other times, it’s kind of like lowbrow, silly kind of humor, but there’s some meta moments where I’m just like They actually went there and made a joke about that.

And you had the voice cast like Michael Sarah is fine as Hank. Doesn’t bring a ton to it, but Samuel Jackson as Jimbo and somebody says, you Jimbo They went there, they went there, it’s good to be the Shogun. There’s No Business Like Show Gun business, but I just gonna keep ripping them off, aren’t I? So Samuel Jackson brings a lot of personality to his like, Long overdue retired at a shape Samurai.

He’s a lot of fun. We’re gervase does a fine job has ikechukwu who’s more or less the More or less, the that character like of Hedy Lamarr and he’s not Harvey, Korman just he’s fine. And then you do have Kylie kyouko who plays emeco who’s a small little cat who really wants to be a Samurai and she really steals a lot of scenes.

Paws of fury
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I really liked her a lot and you have Mel Brooks as a Shogun whose So, Charming every time he’s on screen. George Takei is like a big cat General. Oh my and really enjoy him in this. Throne by Jin han su Michelle. Yeoh a sieve manvi, Gabriel Iglesias. There’s just a fun cast of actors here and you know, for a film that’s just A kitty version of a beat for beat remake of Blazing Saddles, with some. All right, animation with a lot of tropes that you expect to see this was a decent amount of fun. I enjoyed it.

I had a good time and like bare minimum, I think this is a fine little animated feature that I hope people show some love because it deserves some attention. And I think you and your whole family can have fun with it. But those are my thoughts on Paws of Fury. The legend of hang. Let me know what you think.


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