Not Okay Movie Review 2022 | Not Okay Movie bad review

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The film tells the story of Danny, an ambitious young woman who gains a following and fame as a survivor of an assault. She soon learns that online infamy comes with a terrible reward, a comedy about internet frame roaring and its aftermath that sadly goes awry.

There are some funny moments but it’s an inherent parody of influencer culture, the film presents an exaggerated look at the frustrations associated with social media culture, it oddly criticizes internet fame as a coping mechanism, the film has a lot of juicy themes.

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In our social media age of fame and embarrassment but not so savvy about character humor and story, when the film follows suit it feels like there should be some kind of silliness to the subject matter but there are parts where it doesn’t seem to stay on the same page with the heavy-handed crowd. The film is sunny and goofy and has ramifications and guilt creeps in but it only struggles in the third act and doesn’t end well enough to announce the film’s outcome.

topics including trauma, however the script doesn’t focus on applying dramatic weight but merely teases out the most serious consequences of Denise’s actions are often sprinkled with sugar Laces of comedy that break the tension The entire plot is played for all round laughs Danny befriends Rowan until he attends Survivor’s therapy session who He lived through school shootings and became a public advocate for gun reform.

Taking a turn for the series, the film loses its way when Danny begins to experience and act from a survivor of the shooting, as we see Rowan agree to every little suggestion Danny makes that might give her a little more of her fame experience and the audience more of an American culture. If the far-fetched statements are struck, the film doesn’t look like much.

Danny Rowan Figure Out How To Organically Include A Meaningful Message The movie tries to explore some really sensitive themes like school shootings terrorism and depression Unfortunately it doesn’t really have anything new or particularly impactful to credit the conversation It also has an anti-redemption arc. The film unfortunately lacks an unlikable female protagonist.

Denise’s character trajectory doesn’t feel organic as it is dictated entirely by the whims of where the film takes it, a special mention to the lead actress who deserves praise for having the guts to portray such an unremarkable morally bankrupt parasite for the majority of the film. Run Time Overall the movie doesn’t make any points in themes that aren’t painfully obvious its heart is in the right place but it’s an underwhelming story we don’t recommend this movie at all.


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