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What’s going on everybody? Welcome back to another review. This is Jordan peels third movie. Nope, it’s non-spoiler review.

So I didn’t know, I knew that I was going to be excited for this one when I saw the trailers. And if you seen my trailer reactions for this one, I was pretty pumped up for because it was like, he Jordan Peele is a fan of M Night, Shyamalan his Stout. He’s kind of like the new Shyamalan these days, you know, you always, he’s one of those event directors now, and your was looking ata new creative style, what? He’s going to put out and this is his signs. If you will signs his Jaws what-whatever, it delivers on that promise though, it’s tell you this.

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Clearly is he’s trying to make that he switching it up a bit and he’s going into this, it’s creepy. There’s no doubt about it, it shot. Well, the music is fantastic. I think that if this is a matter of how you are going to deal with the reveal at the very end and what the overall film is ultimately about and again I’m not going to give you spoilers but I will just say that there are certain things that I thought worked really well for the movie and then there’s other things that happened that I think that people watching it are going to love it.

and think that this is and I’m already seeing people think of this is as good as get out, if not better, I don’t feel that way. It’s because for me the reveal and ultimately the again without getting in. Spoilers wasn’t the satisfying thing that I thought it was leading up to be and it’s not what this while you had expectations. No tell me for what I was watching and what they were setting up. There’s one particular thing that they do in the movie or that he does.

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Rather and it’s it’s like kind of Mister retch and I said, original is, oh, they’re going there and then they don’t go there, and they go somewhere else, which is explained fine. And I think sometimes a little confusing at points, but then, when you ultimately piece it all together, it works. But I will say, I liked this movie. I didn’t love this movie. I think a lot of people are going to love this movie, and I also think it’s it really? And I was, I was locked in. I was never bored. I was locked, and I was locked in from start to finish, and I was locked.

It in by the time I was watching it going. Okay, how are they gonna finish this up? And to his credit everything, he sets up, he pays off. I just don’t necessarily think that I loved the payoff is really where what it comes down to be the filmmaking aspect of it done really, really well, the performances de Nicola. Once again, it clue is so it’s just something about him. He’s quiet, but he has like such a presence about him, but Kiki, Palmer really steals the show in this.

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She plays Emerald Haywood who is o.j., is Daniel’s character’s name and their brother and sister. And she steals the show, they have great chemistry. And I also say, Brendan Pereira who plays angel, I knew nothing about this kid going and I didn’t know he washe was part of the movie. I thought it was going to be a Steven. Yeun who I thought was going to have a bigger part has a part, but it’s not as big as I thought it was Michael wincott.

Also To see him from The Crow and the doors and him coming back was was awesome as well. I think this needs a spoiler, a heavy spoiler review to really get into it, what the overall issues are. But again issues when I say issues my issues with it, I am not going to be surprised when people come back raving about this movie because he sticks to the, it’s a very well-made film.

It’s a, it is a gorgeous film. It is a simple film it seems. And he probably is probably a nice budget to it, but it seems like it could have been made on a lower scale because it doesn’t rely on big expense and he’s in his third movie. Probably got any, probably did get a big budget for this but you can’t tell and that’s when as I think movies really work when they have big budgets but they don’t look like that big budgets. And this movie doesn’t seem like it needs a big budget.

So he does, he does a really good job. Keeping you engaged and I’m telling you I really Just a matter of how you’re going to deal with the ending of it all. That’s it. It really is. I think it’s a third movie. The guy is hitting home runs from all three of his films and I will go ahead and I’m going to say this one. Nope, for me is Little over. I’m going to I think that’s a little unfair. I’m gonna go little over three and a half so about 3.6 3.7 right around there. That’s that’s my score for. Nope.


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