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Mrs Harris goes to Paris : 2022 film was directed by Anthony Fabian, and is based off of the novel written by Paul Gallico, who is most well known for writing the novel and screenplay for the 1972 disaster. Classic The Poseidon Adventure, although it is very intriguing to think that he would write such a sweet movie after. Right, I mean writing is such a sweet book.

Mrs Harris goes to Paris
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After also, writing such a terrifying After story but no matter this film stars, the immensely talented Lesley, Manville as well as Isabelle, huppert Jason Isaacs and of course Lambo Wilson. This would be tells the story of a woman who is a cleaning lady and the 1950s London and she’s got her own list of clients, and one day, one of her clients whose very portion will to do.

She sees a beautiful frock, that’s the English term for dress in This Woman’s No closet. And when she gets a look at it, she realizes that this from Christian Dior and she finds out from the woman that it’s 500 quid, quit being the slang term for bucks.

Mrs Harris goes to Paris
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So, when she realizes that all she is, is basically a cleaning lady and she wants something more for her life to make her feel better. And to feel like she has a bit of purpose. She decides she’s going to work really hard to take all of her savings and everything and go straight to Paris.

To purchase one of these dresses. But unfortunately, once she gets herself to Paris and she goes to Christian Dior, this woman who is there? She stops her from trying to get in. She’s played by Isabelle, huppert. She does not want her going to get the dress. She does not even want her going to view the collection because she feels that because this woman Leslie is a cleaning lady from England. She has no right.

Trying to get something that represents elegance and upper echelon and lamber Wilson. Happens to notice this woman and decides to take her in as his escort and she gets to view the collection. And while viewing the collection, she decides on the dress that she wants and they decide they will make the dress for her. It’ll take one week even though she only has one day to be there.

And while she’s there, she deals with people talking to her about How and why she feels. She should wear the dress. She goes to seeing how the other half lives and I’m not going to give anything away more than I already have. But I’ll tell you this much, the film is very consistent with it.

Mrs Harris goes to Paris
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Talking about class with it, even questioning such a thing, you know, makes it makes one thing to themself. Like, how do you really Define class is class, really defined by the clothes that you wear? Is it defined by into? Quote, Martin Luther King the content of your character. I mean it’s many things. And

the film really does delve deep into that, and I really liked it for that fact. And everybody gives such a great performance, big and small, the film has such a great tone. My 11 critique is when it gets to the very very tail end.

I’m sure it was like this in the novel but unfortunately the movie does have at least Unfortunately, for me, it considering the tone and how everything had gone in the film, it really has that sickly sweet. Kind of ending, that’s very predictable, but at the same time it is deserved think of it like Titanic, James Cameron’s Titanic, and if you haven’t seen it, be prepared for a spoiler, as well as the alternate ending in the original ending to Titanic, and it’s now available to see on video.

When Rose goes to step off the edge of the ship Bill Paxton and everyone else sees her and pulls her back and then Bill Paxton andhis team actually gets to see the heart of the ocean and then Rose explains why, you know, making each day count and materialistic things are just useless and then she still throws it in the water.

But Bill Paxton has a revelation even though he got to see it even though he got to hold it, he just laughs realize. What was it all for anyway, I’m happy and I’m content and then everybody just happy as happy and then the movie ends is normal with rose laying down. Now, I still love that ending but at the same time it’s a bit too sappy. Whereas the ending that we’re all used to seeing in Titanic is where Rose goes out there by herself. Nobody else knows it.

She takes the heart of the ocean and she takes it upon herself to drop it and then that’s it. While I do love the other ending admittedly better. That ending makes it more personal and this movie. Mrs. Harris goes to Paris.

Mrs Harris goes to Paris
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The way that things conclude because it does have a nepilogue when it gets to where it goes, after all the trials and tribulations, the questioning of class, and this woman who was thought of nothing more than a cleaning lady, when she does get back home. And things go the way that they do. I wish that they would have ended it with a happy note but not a sickly sweet happy note because that’s unfortunately how it goes.

I’m not going to tell you what happens or anything. I’m not going to spoil that but just know when it, when you do go, see it, you’re going to think, okay? This is probably where they should end it. This makes sense, but they had to tack on that Hollywood ending, but I’m not going to give it points off for that. Or anything, it’s just me being me. Because again, it’s we’re living in a time now where We have to be more realistic.

We can tell the same kind of story when it comes to a film, but we have to tweak the ending a little bit. We can’t always deliver everything where the big bow and fireworks and all this and all that, sometimes in life you gotta eat shit. And the way that this movie should have ended is not necessarily that, but it feels like it was going that way.

Until it gets sickly sweet, but no matter, it’s still a great film. And by the way, can we give some props to miss Lesley Manville? I had no clue that she was British the film I’ve seen her in other than this was called. Let him go. And she is this sadistic Southern psycho bitch who has such a terrific, you know, fitting conclusion of her character in that film that.

When I saw her in this movie, I’m like, wait that’s that lady. I had no clue. She was British. I had to look it up right after I thought, wait, is this a southern act actress doing her? I mean, it was, it was, it was insane.

But anyway, now onto the rating for Mrs. Harris goes to Paris. It will get just like when the crawdads sing, it gets an a because it’s just the right timing for this sort of a film. We need a little bit of happiness and we need a little film that needs to come along to show everybody, regardless of What side of class you fit in or however much money you have.

It really is, and it’s a tale as old as time. It’s about what’s in here, that really counts. And this film has all that in Spades and even though some things are a bit predictable and you will see them coming, it doesn’t make the movie any less great than what it is.

So definitely go check it out. It’s in theaters right now this weekend you’ll have a great time because I know I did and trust me when you get to see how people treat her particularly Has the Middle with Isabelle, huppert. I promise you, I wanted to reach through that screen and snatch that bitch bald-headed.

I promise you, you’ll see what I mean when you go see it, but overall the movie, It’s wraps, everything up nicely. Just a little too sweet, but either way. Thank you guys so much for watching my review today of Mrs. Harris, goes to Paris. Be sure to look out for my next reviews coming up, including Paws of Fury.


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