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Over a decade after the live-action disaster, the DC Animated Universe is still proving that a good Green Lantern movie can be made. Recently discharged Marine Jon Stewart’s takes the helm as a Green Lantern and is forced into a galactic War where many other Green Lantern’s before him have failed, joined by Justice League member of the Green Arrow, thanagarian Warrior shy era and the Mysterious Adam Strange, the DC Animated Universe is a universe that feels more consistent than what DC has delivered in live action.

Green Lantern Beware My Power
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However, I find myself Of being a fan of a bunch of them. But in terms of consistency, they seem to bring out a good movie but then there’s always other two or even three there are either mediocre or just plain out bad or at least for the past decade. That’s what their streak was that’s whether track record landed on.

However, ever since after apocalypse War they’ve changed their animation style and their approach to stories bringing in New fresh directors to bring these stories to life and they seem to be picking up a certain Pace that delivers solid consistent quality, despite the piss-poor adaptation of Injustice into asingle film. We’ve had Cat woman hunted, which was anice surprise.

We’ve had the two-parter Batman, the long Halloween and even the surprisingly effective Justice Society World War 2. And now we finally bring Jon To life leading his own film, after we’ve not seen him for years, in television, as a lead since the Justice League cartoon in the early 2000s and I’m very happy to see him as the lead in this film in a story that despite going out into space and celebrating all the Sci-Fi weirdness that comes with a Green Lantern story.

Green Lantern Beware My Power
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It feels very intimate, it feels very personal particularly because it’s so character Centric with Jon Stewart at the helm. I’m also with these DC animated films. I never thought I was going to enjoy this Archer style design to their films ever since they changed it, but I’ve been a bigger and bigger fan ever. Since they continue to do it and once more in this film, it works.

The animation is beautiful. It is fluid. It’s not very cinematic but they understand that they know what they’re delivering to Their audience. This is a direct-to-video release and it looks fantastic. Wendy. Action is on screen. It feels like comic book panels come to life and it’s weird because even now knowing I enjoy this animation style in these films, I still look at Stills and trailers before the film’s come out.

And I’m still hesitant whenever I see these stories being brought to life through this animation and design style and I’m still not a big fan but then you just get engrossed in the story in the characters and in the booming score that again, once we dive into the the action sequences in this film are just fabulous and I think a Green Lantern story naturally lends itself very well to the realm of Animation colors are natural.

Visual Motif for a story like that and then you are traveling through space with all these Cosmic weird elements, you got the Desi de bim’s, you gotta and a galactic war going on between the Ronnie ins and the thanagarians. It’s just a blast to witness. And also A film that stretches its runtime just a little bit as over all these movies, tend to be just under an hourand 20 Green Lantern beware, my power allows itself a little bit more time to breathe at being a full 90 minutes long.

Green Lantern Beware My Power
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It’s still runs into some problems, given the short run time but it stands out too much better. In termsof pacing compared to its predecessors in this Animated Universe before I continue. With my thoughts on the film. It’s up to you to start a conversation in the comments below and discuss your thoughts on this film.

The story is the characters and The Sensational Voice work. Delivered by Aldous Hodge as John Stewart, who is suffering from PTSD, you doesn’t feel ready. Carry on this responsibility of bringing a Green Lantern, despite understanding what it is. This guy lives in a world where the Justice League exists, where he’s heard of how Jordan and Aldous, brings his a game as John Stewart.

Jimmy Simpson as Oliver Queen is someone I really like as an actor but could never buy conceptually playing the Green Arrow and yet he does a great job. Having this fun friction with Jon Stewart at first as the best friend of Of the Green Lantern. A Hal Jordan. I just wish there were more opportunities for comedy.

Given that Oliver Queen is such an Earthbound hero, and now he’s out in space meeting, Adam Strange and shayera Hol and finds himself amidst this mysterious War, which by the way, the film Works kind of as an Intergalactic murder mystery or genocide, or mystery as you’re trying to find out what is going on. It’s very entertaining, it’s very fun to way they Pictured. This film instead of a straight forward action narrative, where characters will find themselves. The midst of war.

The war is basically over the war is happening on the sides. It’s them trying to investigate what caused this Intergalactic conflict, that caused the Green, Lantern’s to die that caused the thanagarians to be against the Iranians and vice versa. And so you have interesting perspectives presented by these characters and their reaction to war. And Flicked and death around them and what they can do to stop it. I just wish we could see more of Oliver being in way over his head because this is aguy who uses whenever he’s out in space.

With all these super-powered beings that travel in space and travel in time and have super power. There were opportunities for more throughout this film and that brings us into my issues with this film in where it’s too ambitious for its own good, for its runtime which Much better that it got 90 minutes instead of the standard 80 or even 75 sometimes, but it’s just too busy for a 90 minute, run time where it’s brushes through so many things.

After a rocky start, where the Justice League just see the civilian in the Watchtower and just attack him very suddenly. And then you have moments where Jon Stewart, despite understanding these Concepts goes out in space and is barely a astonished. We don’t get this sense of all from him. And while the story structure is unique where again, it’s not just a straightforward Sci-Fi Action, Adventure into space. It’s an Intergalactic murder mystery with a lot more suspense. That I anticipated and Jeff wall.

Master is clearly a fan of this material diving fully into the Sigh, finest of it, all bringing a lot of Easter eggs, onto the screen being through exchanges. Be it through characters presented. Sometimes not even named But if you’re adie-hard fan of the material, you can see your favorites brought to life albeit. Very quickly, is just adapting to Big stories into a 90 minute runtime.

It feels like scrunching and rapidly. Moving through, all these beats, one of them is the Ronnie and thanagarian War. And another one that I really love. I can’t name it here because it’s a massive spoiler. It’s a turn that the film takes far into the andact going on into the third. And that’s usually when the film works, the best because everything is laid out. Now the film can just move. Now the film can just happen and tell its story.

Green Lantern Beware My Power
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So while it begins in a rocky way and moves in an intriguing manner in the second act, it’s really in the third act that it excels but sadly it’s a bit too late by then to overcome its flaws and live up to its ultimate potential where it has this ambition to tell this story in. Unique way, with interesting characters presenting an interesting perspective but it just doesn’t pay it all off too.

Well, it doesn’t slow down enough, just goes for it and while in a character level that works, it really feels like the story should have lingered and it should have been more complicated for these characters to accomplish what they set out to accomplish Green Lantern, beware my power source with its animation, Dynamic action and character work where Jon Stewart’s or Jin story is given do justice but the film’s enormous story ambition, sadly cut, its potential slightly short I’m giving Green Lantern, beware my power a b-minus.

Those are my thoughts on Green Lantern, beware my power. So now it’s up to you to continue the conversation in the comments below, not the best Green Lantern film, but also by far, not the worst. Thank you so much for reading.


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