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Bullet Train Movie Download

Today we’ll be reviewing studded action film from David Leitch namely Bullet Train (2022). If you want to know how I watched it early will talk later in briefly.

Now let’s jump on the Bullet Train (2022) movie review. so let’s start with a little bit of action, now they’ve got David Leitch so the action scenes are obviously going to be great but how great are these action scenes as good as David Leitch uh like Deadpool 2 or Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

I mean both every three of these films have different kinds of action scenes Bullet Train is all about have feast fights within a train which are really interesting every feast fight here it seems unique every person here seems to be an expert of a particular thing, there are so many assassins on one train looking for the same thing and that’s the way that’s the way the concept really uh blends with the action.

They have different assassins they’re different fighting skills and Brad Pitt is a central character who has to fight with all of these, so yeah the action scenes of this movie pretty damn cool but still I don’t think it’s the best action film from David Leitch, I think the action scenes in Deadpool 2 are pretty nice now weren’t they if you’re asking are the action scenes as good as like John Wick is this the next John Wick and I would say definitely no I mean watching this and watching John Wick chapter three paragon side by side.

Bullet Train Movie Download

I would definitely pick john with chapter three parabellum especially on the action scenes those that’s like one of my top three favourite action scenes action movies of all time the action that film was incredible so don’t expect it to be the next John Wick and you’ll not be disappointed.

I was not expecting it to be the next one next on Wick I mean I was pretty uh, I really liked the action scenes from in this movie from what I got i think they were all pretty damn nice so yeah, It’s not John Wick level but it’s still pretty close I mean if you compare it to the first two John wickler movies.

I think yeah the action scene in this movie comes pretty close but if you compare it to parabellum i think it’s far off behind but still it’s just such a such an enjoyable film you need to watch it. what a star studded cast i mean like ah this is like one of the best cast I have uh cast lineup.

Bullet Train Movie Download

I have seen this year um you have you got Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, then you have Joey King, Joey King and so i’m Brian Tyree Henry so yeah. I think there are a lot of big names here and I think all of them deliver their parts all of them are pretty good um if you’re talking my favorite of course it’s Brad Pitt he’s just hilarious in this film and he’s lose all these action scenes wonderfully.

But if you talk about my second favorite I would say it to be maybe Andrew Koji or may Aaron Taylor-Johnson yeah both of those were like neck and neck for my second favourite um Sandra Bullock’s part though was a bit you know not of the level i expected it to be but she was pretty good too.

Then Bad Bunny was decent really decent Joey King was into I mean uh she was really you know interesting her character was interesting but I really didn’t really uh her character didn’t really leave an effect on me. I wanted to know more I wanted her character to be more developed everyone else saw was fantastic trained killer ladybug wants to give up the life but is pulled back by his handler Maria Beetle in order to collect a briefcase and a bullet train heading from Tokyo to Kyoto onboard the train.

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He and other competing assassins discovered their objectives are all connected. I think more than the action I was very much invested in the story of the film which is so interesting it just never loses it it is just by the time it ends I was exhausted there was so much story crumbled in here and it was just fun it’s just damn fun so I really enjoyed this film especially with the story elements of it.

Bullet Train Movie Download

so yeah overall I had a blast with Bullet Train (2022). some characters are not as good and some are really good and then the action scenes were great they’re not as good as John Wick but you don’t need to expect that so yeah overall I really like this film he story especially is the one that kept me up along the whole film.

I would like to give this movie a 7.7 out of 10. So that was my review on Bullet Train share your thoughts in the comment. Thank you for reading.

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