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Alone Together (2022) Movie review | Alone Together : Honest review

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Alone Together from writer director and star. Katie Holmes, who very obviously watched a ton of romantic comedies, or romantic, dramas. And was like, I can write one of those, but it’s covid. Let’s set it during covid, which is everybody’s favorite is a sub-genre right now is covid, related films, and specifically covid lockdown romances and this film finds a New York socialite played by Katie Holmes, who is Is a food Reviewer is a journalist, big city girl originally from Midwest, but goes out into the country to avoid covid. And when her boyfriend, Derek Luke’s character, doesn’t join her and sticks with his parents instead, she feels the ejected.

Alone Together
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She shows up to this place after a long hard journey to get to this Airbnb to find. Jim Sturgess character was double-booked with her and he’s A blue-collar guy and of course they don’t get along at first but you know, they become smitten with each other and of course, they fall for each other. You’ve seen this movie before, you probably seen quite a few of these since covid happened and it feels very stereotypical Katie. Holmes, I think from a directing standpoint is very clean cut. It’s nothing special, but it’s well shot. There’s not a ton of personality to the filmmaking, but at least it’s well done. From a writing standpoint.

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I do like Holmes is character and Sturgis is character. They have some depth. They both have trauma. They both have relationships, they’re trying to process through the process to her. Breakups are trying to process through there’s loss and grief along the way as well that they’re trying to process. And you know you have some nice moments of them hitting it off and I think they have good chemistry. And I think both actors do a fine job.

I don’t think Katie Holmes is the strongest actress out there. And Jim Sturgess, does a fine job to you have a little bit of Melissa, Leo, Leo sprinkled in there, as Sturgis is Mother and who has some interactions throughout the film. There’s one particular point because like, this is an hour and 40 minutes, it could have easily been an hour and 30 minutes. But there’s this Divergence that goes on in the third act, that feels so lethargic and just drags for so long.

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I felt like they could have gotten what they were trying to get. Get at the matically and story-wise could have been resolved so much quicker, but it just screeches the film to a halt and that really brought it down for me. Honestly, I was going to be like, hey, this is solid slightly above average film but like, at that point, I’m just like, well, I’ve sat through all these cliches and tropes of romances these cliches and tropes of covid related films and now this is dragging a bit.

And even I think what is a nice finale I didn’t have the impact that should have, because I was kind of checked out at that point, because some of the story choice is towards the end. Kind of just dragged it out a little bit too much. But in the end I think is a real solid romance, it’s a solid covid era film, but please stop making them.

We lived it, we get it move on, but if your big romance film fan, I think you’ll really enjoy this. If you’re not really into romance this This really doesn’t do anything new but I do think it was a nice playing Ground for homes to kind of flex her others Talons in terms of a writer and a director. But those are my thoughts on alone together.



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